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Monaco this year is the “bumpiest” track he has ever driven – Lewis Hamilton


Because of issues with his Mercedes car in Friday practice, Lewis Hamilton said Monaco this year is the “bumpiest” track he has ever driven. After a difficult day, Hamilton was only 12th fastest, complaining that he couldn’t get a lap together. George Russell, another teammate, finished sixth.
“There’s like a hundred bumps on just one straight,” Hamilton said.
“I’m not sure if the others are having the same problems we are.
However, it is the most bumpy roller-coaster ride.”
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc set the pace in both sessions, leading teammate Carlos Sainz by the end of the day, both drivers more than 0.3 seconds faster than title rivals Red Bull’s Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.
Russell was 0.7secs off the pace, and Hamilton was 0.9secs further back.
Hamilton complained about “bouncing,” but said it was not the same as the high-frequency aerodynamic problem that plagued Mercedes until their upgrade last weekend in Spain.
“It’s the most bumpy the track has ever been.
It’s probably the most bumpy road I’ve ever driven on “said the seven-time champion.
“That makes it difficult, but our car generally bounces a lot.
It’s different bouncing than we’ve seen before because it’s in the low speed [corners] as well, but it’s not aero. The bumps are exacerbating the situation.

“Putting together a lap is completely new territory. I don’t recall ever feeling like that before.
“The grip isn’t bad, but it’s just eyeballs poking out of sockets.
As expected, I did not expect us to be as quick as the Ferraris and Red Bulls.
Our battle is to keep up with the McLarens.”

“The car is constantly smashing against the floor,” Russell added.
We’ve seen a lot of that this year, but this is a completely different philosophy and reasoning for the bouncing.
“There are sections where both tyres are off the ground – in Turn Five, the front right is in the air, and the front left is popping up as well because the track is so stiff.”
You’re about to do a wheelie.
We’re doing everything we can to make things easier on ourselves.
“It was a good day, but we’re not where we want to be.”
“We want to be the best among the rest.
This weekend, that is a reasonable result behind Ferrari and Red Bull, but we want to make sure Lando doesn’t sneak in there as well.”
Leclerc and Ferrari are both looking good.
Ferrari’s pace, with both cars at the front and more than 0.3secs back to the Red Bulls, underpins their status as pre-race favourites, on a weekend where Leclerc must beat Verstappen, who has turned a 46-point deficit into a six-point lead in three races.
When simulating race performance later in the session, the Ferraris were fastest on both short runs and over a series of laps.
On these race-simulation runs, Leclerc was 0.2secs faster than Sainz, who was 0.1secs faster than Verstappen, all on the soft tyre.
Leclerc was also the fastest in the first session, beating Perez by 0.039 seconds.
“For the time being, we’re competitive, so I’m happy,” Leclerc said.

“The car appears to have a lot of power.
We also appear to be on track in terms of race pace.
The initial feeling is positive, so hopefully we can move forward tomorrow and have a great weekend.
“However, I believe we need to take another step for tomorrow because everyone has a large margin on Friday, so it’s a bit of a gamble.”
“We’ve been experimenting around here to see how the car behaved,” Verstappen explained.
P1 made me feel a little better than P2.
“Of course, if you have a little bit better balance, you can attack a little bit more, and your lap time improves slightly.”
“However, in comparison to Ferrari, we clearly need to find a little bit more, and now it’s all about trying to fine-tune my balance as well.” Ricciardo’s crash adds to the pressure.
Daniel Ricciardo’s difficult season at McLaren continued with a heavy crash at the Swimming Pool, while teammate Lando Norris finished fifth.
Ricciardo lost control of his car during the 150mph left-right turn at the start of the Swimming Pool section, clipped the wall with his left rear tyre, and crashed into the barrier at the start of the second part.
Sebastian Vettel had just escaped having the same accident, but he was able to collect his Aston Martin without it hitting the wall.
“There was an error in the first place,” Vettel admitted.
“I shouldn’t have been sideways at that point, but I guess I was also a little lucky; it was a good save, but my heart rate was definitely going up.”
It was the exact blow Ricciardo needed as he faces the intense focus that comes with being in a high-profile position but being outperformed by his teammate.
He stated: “I think we just went a little too far with the setup.
I did everything I could to save it. We missed the entire session, but we’ll be ready to go the next day.

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