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261 Kandakadu evacuees were remanded


598 prisoners who escaped the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre have turned themselves into Sri Lankan police; 261 of them were detained and placed in solitary confinement by the Welikanda Magistrate’s Court.

Attorney-at-Law and Police Spokesperson Inquiries are being conducted, according to Nihal Talduwa, to find the other fugitives.

At the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Welikanda, Polonnaruwa, 997 individuals were detained.

A prison counselor and an inmate who had been brought to the facility a month earlier reportedly argued over the inmate’s possession of tobacco.

Later, this argument turned into a full-fledged brawl.

Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, the commissioner-general of rehabilitation, reported that the convict in issue, a 36-year-old inhabitant of Mutual, had passed away in the afternoon of Wednesday (29).

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