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A sports instructor beats a student to break his arm


A 15-year-old student of Rahula Vidyalaya, Godakawela has been admitted to the Ratnapura General Hospital with a broken bone in his left arm after being assaulted with a stick by a sports instructor.

The victim is Eranga Rukshan Madushanka, a Grade 10 student of the school.

The student said that he was assaulted while going to the toilet after taking a chair to the classroom after a devotional program held at the school on the 16th.

The student said that a group of other students at the school had hooted at the teacher and that the teacher who was chasing the students had assaulted him thinking that he was also a student and that he had fainted after the assault.

The father of the student, KW Sunil, said that his child had been assaulted at around 10.30 am that day and that the child had not been admitted to the hospital until around 1.30 pm.
He also stated that the child had to be hospitalized as there was no reduction in pain in his hand.

The parents of the student had lodged a complaint with the Godakawela Police on the 19th but no action was taken for eight days, he said.

Meanwhile, when we inquired from the Godakawela Police, an official of the Godakawela Police said that the relevant sports instructor had arrived with a lawyer yesterday (23) and surrendered to the police and that steps would be taken to produce him in court.

When we inquired about this, the principal of Rahula Vidyalaya, Godakawela, TG Parakrama said that an investigation has been launched by the police as well as the school.

The principal said that a group of students representing the school volleyball team, including the battered student, had hooted at the sports instructor while he was running, and that the student had been hit in the back of the body with his hand.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has also lodged a complaint with the National Child Protection Authority.

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