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Additional assistance from the USA


 At the G7 Summit held today, President of the United States, Joe Biden, offered $20 million in new aid to improve Sri Lanka’s food security.

This newly offered assistance will focus on Sri Lankans who are most in need as a result of the present economic crisis. Over 800,000 Sri Lankan children will receive food through a school nutrition program supported by the funds, and over 27,000 women who are pregnant or nursing will receive food vouchers over the course of the following 15 months. The project also intends to aid some 30,000 farmers through the donation of agricultural assistance and cash, to boost food production in poor Sri Lankan areas.

The $20 million in humanitarian aid released today adds to the over $12 million in recent U.S. promises for financial and humanitarian aid, bringing the total amount of American support for the people of Sri Lanka since June 16, 2022, to $32 million. Partners who comply with internationally accepted monitoring and evaluation standards will receive funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This makes sure that funds are properly allocated and that people who have been recognized as being most at risk of hunger receive aid.

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