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An ancient Inca tomb was discovered beneath a home that is still being built in Lima, Peru


Archaeologists discovered an ancient Inca-era tomb beneath a house that was still being built, shocking the people of Lima, the capital of Peru, on Wednesday.

Lead archeologist Julio Abanto told Reuters that this tomb appears to be older than 500 years.

The tomb appears to be the property of the upper classes in Riricancho society.

Before the Inca empire governed large portions of western South America in the 1400s, the Riricancho culture had inhabited the area that is now Lima, according to Abanto.

This grave appears to contain remains that were cloth-wrapped, along with excellent ceramics and jewelry. According to the archaeologist, it contained “several funerary bundles” that were firmly wrapped in fabric.

The needed archeological survey was spurred by the building plans for landowner Hipolito Tica’s home, which led to the dig that took place in May. It’s incredible. I simply don’t know how else to put it,” Tica told the publication.

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