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As North Korea struggles with its food shortage, flour has become a luxury good: Report


According to sources, North Korean flour costs have risen so quickly that only the wealthy can now afford to buy it, making it a status symbol as the rest of the globe struggles with the food crisis.

According to sources, due to the shortage of flour, it has become much more expensive than rice. Even as it battles a virus pandemic, the Communist country recently reported that numerous families have died from an undisclosed intestinal ailment.

Last month, as it turned on the “maximum emergency epidemic prevention system” to fight the sickness, Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship declared the emergence of coronavirus cases. Reports stated that there were more than 4.5 million coronavirus cases with 73 deaths despite the stringent efforts.

According to reports, North Koreans are having trouble affording imported flour because of its high price. As the coronavirus epidemic spread globally in early 2020, North Korea stopped importing low-cost Russian and Chinese flour, which caused the country’s flour prices to soar at the time.

According to reports, eating bread has evolved into a status symbol in the nation as it struggles with the present food deficit.

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