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Boy missing for eight days found stuck in sewer near his house


An 8-year-old boy who had been missing for a week was discovered trapped in a sewer drain. The drain is only 65 feet away from his parents’ home. The boy was rescued and is now receiving medical treatment.

The incident occurred in Donnerschwee, a district of Oldenburg, Germany.

The boy was missing for eight days.

“Thanks to a tip from the public, we were able to find the boy in a sewer system today. The most important thing is that he is alive and was immediately taken to a hospital where he is in good hands. We can all breathe a sigh of relief,” said Police Chief Johann Kuehme. He was quoted by Newsweek.

When the boy went missing, a nationwide police search was launched.

“Not only were many police officers from a wide variety of police departments across the country involved in the search efforts over the past few days,” said the police statement, “but many police officers also volunteered in their spare time to support the search for Joe.”

During the search, a passerby reported hearing a whimpering noise coming from a sewer drain near the boy’s house. The fire department was dispatched to the scene. Firefighters climbed down a manhole leading to the sewer and extracted the boy.

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