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Circular on Work From Home in the Public Sector issued


On Friday (17), the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs issued a circular on the proposed work-from-home program for the public sector.

As a result, the Ministry has decided to limit the number of employees requested to work beginning Monday (20).

Secretaries to Ministries and Department/Institutional Heads have been given the authority to call in a minimum number of staff to ensure that public services are not disrupted.

Furthermore, they are given the authority to assign any public servant to a Ministry, Department, or institution located near his or her residence.

When employees are called in for work, they must be called in on a shift / roster basis.

If a public sector employee fails to show up for the shift / roster that has been prepared by the authority of the public institution, the employee will lose one personal holiday.

Even if a roster is used to keep public institutions running, all public sector employees are asked to be available to work online.

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