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Czech police are searching for a ‘creepy’ burglar who is watching individuals while they are sleeping.


Police in the Czech Republic stated on Thursday that they are searching for a man who apparently watches people while they sleep after breaking into houses to steal little items (June 30).

He has reportedly broken into multiple homes in the nation’s capital, Prague, according to a report by the news agency AFP. Even the presence of others doesn’t affect him, according to the officers. In actuality, he specifically chooses these homes.

The police have thus far reported seven cases. However, the police suspect that there might have been more. The information we have so far about this burglar is unsettling.

The perpetrator clearly doesn’t mind having others about, according to home security camera footage, according to Prague police spokesman Jan Rybansky, who was quoted by the news agency. On the contrary, he “actually seeks out such homes,” the author continued.

In one instance, the suspect was seated on the bed next to the nine-year-old daughter of the homeowner in her child’s room, Rybansky said, citing an exceedingly unsettling scenario as an example. The girl was sleeping when he arrived and was unaware of his presence.

Some homeowners documented the suspect’s movements around the building. He was there when the owers were awake, according to the video evidence.

According to the police website, “He shut himself in the room or on the entire floor to avoid being disturbed, searched it, and then left the residence.”

A 55–60-year-old suspect with a limp is the target of a manhunt. In Prague, he has primarily broken into homes. In a single year, he broke into one home twice.

According to the authorities, the man may spend up to three years in prison if found guilty.

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