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Emergency action by World Food Programme


The United Nations World Food Programme commenced its emergency response to the island nation yesterday, 16th June 2022, with the distribution of food vouchers amongst pregnant women.

The World Food Programme is working towards providing aid to 3 million of the most vulnerable people in Sri Lanka who are no longer able to meet their food needs due to the acute crisis in the country.

Food inflation in Colombo was at a record high of 57.4% in May. Almost 22% percent of the population are food insecure and in need of assistance. Nutritious food can no longer be afforded by many low-income families.

Recent surveys conducted by the World Food Programme indicated that 86% of the families are eating less, eating less healthy food or skipping meals in order to cope with the current situation.

WFP through its assistance programme is looking at supporting one million children through the National School Meal Programme, one million partaking in the Thriposha Programme and another million in need of urgent food supplies, through food, cash or vouchers.

The vouchers that are given are valued at Rs. 15,000.00 and will be distributed on a monthly basis. These vouchers will enable more than 2000 women to purchase food and they will also be provided with antenatal care by the Public Health Division of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC).

This assistance programme of the WFP was launched by the UN in Sri Lanka on 9th June.

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