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Ex-CEB Chief’s declaration: Directives are acknowledged as guidelines


The media will be given access to the meeting’s video on Monday, June 27, according to a statement from the acting director of communications for the House of Representatives.

The statement stated that following a protracted debate, the committee granted his request to strike certain phrases from his statement before the COPE Committee on the pertinent date.

But today (23), before the COPE Committee, the former CEB Chairman Ferdinando claimed that his earlier claim that he had been persuaded by certain groups was false.

According to the statement from the Acting Director of Communications in Parliament, Ferdinando’s letter to the Secretary to the Treasury on November 25th of last year was also questioned by the COPE.

He has said that he considers the directions issued by the Government’s senior political officials as being unambiguous.

The renewable energy initiative, according to the previous CEB chairman, was seen as a joint venture between two governments.

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