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Finland and Sweden are warned by Vladimir Putin not to construct NATO infrastructure


After Finland and Sweden joined NATO as its newest members, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning that Russia will respond in kind to any troop or infrastructure deployment by the alliance in either nation. “We don’t have the issues with Sweden and Finland that we do with Ukraine. Let them join NATO if they so choose “Putin said on state-run Russian television. According to Reuters, he continued, “But they must understand there was no threat before; today, if military facilities and personnel are stationed there, we will have to respond in kind and generate the same risks for the regions from which threats towards us are made.

Following a discussion at the NATO summit in Madrid, Turkey decided to terminate their objections, while Finland and Sweden were extended invitations to join the alliance.

Tensions between the two countries and Russia are anticipated to result from the decision.

“There were no issues between us, but there will undoubtedly be tensions now. If we are in danger, it is unavoidable “When questioned about the new NATO members, Putin stated.

Sweden and Finland’s applications to join NATO were perceived as a direct response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The Baltic countries were terrified by the “special military operations,” but Putin insisted that they were meant to “liberate” the area and protect Russian interests there.

Putin also refuted claims that Russian forces were behind the missile attack on the Ukrainian shopping mall that left 18 people dead and dozens more hurt.

“Our army does not target any infrastructure sites in the community. In Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, Putin stated at a news conference that “We have every capability of understanding what is situated where.”

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