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Fuel Crisis contributing to a decline in Law and Order, according to BASL


The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) expressed its grave concern over how the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is handling the current economic crisis and the shortages that have resulted, particularly in fuel, which is negatively affecting people’s lives, the country’s administration, the operation of businesses, and ultimately the stability of the community.

According to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, it has also caused Law and Order in the nation to worsen.

According to a statement from BASL, fuel shortages endangering every sector of the economy, including food production and distribution, negatively affecting Sri Lanka’s exports, which are crucial right now, and even impairing justice delivery.

Additionally, it continued, that the Government has not established a suitable system to guarantee the fair and equitable distribution of fuel to the populace.

The BASL urged the government to immediately inform the public in a timely and adequate manner about its plans for ensuring the continuous supply of fuel in the short term, to present a road map to the public outlining those plans, and to design immediately, following proper consultation with relevant stakeholders, an effective plan to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of fuel to the people while taking into account.

The BASL urged the President, the Government, and all other political parties and players to recognize the extreme gravity of the current situation and the dire repercussions that could jeopardize Sri Lanka’s social and economic stability. The BASL demands that they act right away to re-establish trust in the Sri Lankan government domestically and internationally.

The President and all other important political players must now take responsibility for the hardships being experienced by the people, according to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, in order to serve the interests of the entire nation.

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