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Google News back in Spain


Google News has resumed operations in Spain on Wednesday after an eight-year absence. Due to a Spanish law that required news aggregators to compensate publishers for utilizing their news snippets, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had already shut down the service.

The 2020 revisions to the European Union’s copyright regulations were enacted into Spanish law last year. The media organizations were now able to have direct discussions with Google, a leading provider of technology.

It appears that the declaration last year that Google News would reopen in the country in a year was spurred by the fact that this was more profitable for the company.

Google’s vice president for Iberia, Fuencisla Clemares, wrote in a blog post that “Google News is returning to Spain today, on the global 20th anniversary of Google News, and after an almost eight-year sabbatical.”

According to her, the business also has plans to introduce Google News Showcase as soon as possible in Spain. The company pays news publishers through Showcase.

Clemares continued, “This is because of a new copyright legislation that gives Spanish media outlets of all sizes the freedom to choose how their work can be found and how they want to monetize that content.

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