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Harin says Sri Lanka safe for tourists, assures safety


To promote Sri Lanka tourism in France, the Minister of Tourism and Lands of Sri Lanka, Harin Fernando, met with the Travel Agents of France.

The event, hosted by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris in collaboration with Sri Lankan Airlines on Monday (20), began with a captivating audio-visual titled “Sri Lanka at a Glance.”

In welcoming the guests, Professor Kshanika Hirimburegama, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the French Republic and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, stated that tourist arrivals from France revitalize the Sri Lanka tourism industry, strengthening bilateral relations and people-to-people contact between the two countries.

She went on to say that Sri Lanka is a resilient country that will overcome its current challenges, and that France’s friendship and solidarity are greatly appreciated.

Minister Fernando introduced Sri Lanka as a safe destination with historical monuments, natural wonders, unique lifestyles, and delectable cuisine in his comprehensive presentation.

The Minister urged a cross-section of leading French travel agents to encourage France’s friendly people to continue visiting Sri Lanka, which is known worldwide as one of the most exotic tourist destinations, and assured visitors of age-old traditional hospitality and warmth, despite unprecedented times of difficulty.

He stated that Sri Lanka is quickly addressing all issues of concern with the assistance of its international friends, and he urged visitors to have faith in the people of Sri Lanka, who would be pleased to see the French people’s solidarity at this time.

Philippe Boucolon, Aviation Manager, AVIAREPS (Sri Lankan Airlines), gave a presentation on “Travel with Sri Lankan Airlines,” which covered all aspects of the national carrier.

The event was attended by over fifty travel agents who are key players in the French tourism industry. The event’s interactive session provided a platform for France tour operators to directly address issues, barriers, and challenges, and a digital screen at the venue displayed tourism promotion videos.

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