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How will transportation services function From Tuesday (28)?


From midnight today (June 27) until July 10 only absolutely necessary services will be provided, according to a decision by Sri Lanka’s cabinet of ministers.

Here is what we currently know about how services are run:

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association stated that it is uncertain whether or not to begin using its fleet on Tuesday (27).

Bus operations would be determined by fuel availability, according to the National Transport Commission.

According to Sri Lanka Railways, trains will run according to the current schedule.

Up until July 10th, no classes will be held at any schools in the Colombo area, Western Province suburbs, or significant cities in other provinces.

Beginning from midnight on Monday (27), the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation will ONLY supply diesel and gasoline for critical purposes.

According to Minister Bandula Gunawardena, these services include ports, airports, health care, food distribution, and agriculture.

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