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‘I had to take a chance,’ says Indonesian who caught a 14-foot crocodile with rope


On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, villagers praised an Indonesian man for capturing a crocodile measuring 4.3 meters (14.1 feet) using only a rope.

In a video, Usman, who goes by one name like many Indonesians, is seen securing the massive reptile around its jaws. Usman stated that it had been terrorizing the locals for at least two days.

“If we had left it, it would have landed on us and we wouldn’t have been able to go into the rice fields,” the 53-year-old explained.

“Locals fish in the drainage channels that run alongside the roads. If it had crawled up the drainage channels, it would have been dangerous. I had no choice but to take a chance “he said.

Others in the village of Ambau Indah applauded the crocodile’s capture.

“The community appreciates what Usman has done. Some even regard it as a heroic act because it saved many people who would otherwise have become victims “Umar Siddiq al Farizi stated.

He claimed that there had been several crocodile attacks in the area in the past. He also praised Usman’s decision to notify authorities about the capture.

“He (Usman) considered this a rare animal whose habitat had been damaged by floods. He thought it should be protected and not killed,” Umar said.

The crocodile will be released back into the wild, an official at the local Natural Resources Conservation Agency said.

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