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Kamal Haasan keeps going despite some wear and tear. Here is our Vikram Film Review.


Lokesh Kanagaraj’s follow-up to Master may have raised the stakes to new heights, but the director actually delivers to a large extent with Vikram, a clean and green action entertainer that fires on all cylinders from the first scene.

The film brings the trio of Karnan (Kamal Haasan), Amar (Fahadh Faasil), and Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi) together in a knot that pulls trouble for all three sides.

When a swarm of trouble arrives, it is time for the ‘ghost’ to be revealed, and the story comes to life in an exciting way.

The first half builds gradually, with a good number of investigative scenes keeping the momentum going from point to point.

Although Kamal Haasan has very little screen time in the first half, Fahadh and Vijay Sethupathi eat up the space and make room for themselves while ensuring that the script has plenty of room to earn a good load of suspense.

Kamal Haasan is back, and he’s back in just the way we want him to be: as an exciting action avatar who also has an emotional side and delivers what the fans want.

Following him, the film benefits greatly from Fahadh Faasil’s excellent performance, which is a significant boost to the proceedings, as the actor gets it right with his dialogue delivery and expressions.

Vijay Sethupathi has a very jaded role to play, and it’s such a big grouse that half of his dialogues go awry due to the different acting styles he’s tried – unfortunately, it doesn’t create an impact.

Vikram also benefits from a talented cast of supporting actors, which includes Chemban Vinod, Narain, and others.

Anirudh once again carries the film with an exciting background score that is much needed for the film to reach its full potential.

There are numerous sequences in which the composer has greatly innovated, such as the EDM remix of Porkanda Singam and the brothel theme.

Girish’s cinematography is noteworthy, as there are numerous unique placements and a consistent flow throughout the film.

“Overall, Vikram is a satisfying commercial entertainer that lacks strong emotions and an immersive setting but still manages to keep audiences whistle-blowing thanks to its mass moments and star power.

The majority of the film is devoted to Lokesh’s mastery of his surroundings and the manner in which he constructs his action sequences.

Finally, the film delivers highs, which is exactly what you need from an action blockbuster of this magnitude!”
Siddarth Srinivas reviews the film Vikram.

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