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Lands owned by religious institutions will be used to grow food crops


In order to quickly address the impending food crisis, the Government has chosen to use 250,000 hectares of productive land owned by religious institutions for the purpose of growing food crops as part of the National Food Production initiative with the slogan “Ekwa Wawamu – Rata Dinawamu.”

The Minister of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Vidura Wickramanayaka, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera, and Minister of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils, and Local Government Dinesh Gunawardene presented a joint Cabinet Memorandum on Monday to seek approval from the Cabinet of Ministers to launch the national food production program using Buddhist temples, other religious buildings, churches, mosques, and Hindu shrines which approximately 250,000 hectares.

In order to increase food crop production across the island, the Government has launched a number of programs under the National Food Production strategy that make use of both State-owned and private lands.

The Sri Lanka Railway Department (SLRD) owns 14,000 acres of restricted land that the government intends to lease to Farmer Societies so they can produce food crops.

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