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Litro acquires gas for the next four months


Litro acquires gas for the next four months. Today, Litro Gas said that it had successfully acquired 100,000 MT of LP Gas, enough to meet the nation’s gas needs for the ensuing four months.

The World Bank has contributed $70 million toward the $100,000MT of LP Gas’ total consignment expenses, with Litro contributing the remaining $20 million.

According to Litro, domestic consumers would receive 70% of the shipment. This will yield an estimated 5 million 12.5kg cylinders, 1 million 5kg cylinders, and 1 million 2.5kg cylinders. The remaining 30% will be made available for business purposes.

By the first week of July, an initial shipment of 33,000 tons of LPG purchased by Litro for $20 million will arrive in Sri Lanka, and distribution will start right away.

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