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Major websites are down worldwide, with a ‘500 internal server problem’ message.


Many websites around the world were pulled down by a momentary outage at Cloudflare, a popular CDN for many organizations, rendering many of them completely inaccessible to the general public. Among them were Discord, Canva, Streamyard, and even the official website of London-based firm Nothing.

Cloudflare quickly acknowledged the outage and stated that it was working on a solution in a tweet. For the most part, the issue appears to have been resolved for the affected websites.

okla’s DownDetector, which tracks Internet outages around the world, is unable to detect the outage for some customers. Although the exact reason of the global Internet outage is uncertain, Cloudflare’s content delivery network looks to be involved (CDN).

The CDN service is experiencing “widespread issues,” according to the most recent update on the Cloudflare Status page. The problem has been identified, and a solution has been deployed.

However, the affected websites will take some time to incorporate the changes.

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