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Namal Rajapaksa’s next steps


Namal Rajapaksa, former Minister of Youth and Sports, believes that the only way forward for the country is to engage in progressive dialogue, reach an agreement, and move forward.

The SLPP MP stated in an interview that it is necessary to bring everyone together and work on Sri Lanka’s future development agenda.

Noting that people were calling for top officials to resign due to the economic crisis, the former Minister stated that resignations would not solve the problem.

He also stated that the country’s economic structure needs to change, and that he would support any steps taken to advance the nation.

As a result, the former Minister emphasized that the only way forward for Sri Lanka is to transition to a manufacturing-based economy, and he urged people to promote Sri Lanka as much as possible in order to benefit the tourism sector and bring in foreign remittances.

Despite the fact that many people talk about popular slogans, the former Minister stated that no slogan benefits the country economically. As a result, he stated, the only way forward is to engage in progressive dialogue and reach an agreement.

“After that, we should let the people decide for themselves in an election,” he added.

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