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No – Confidence vote against Boris Johnson


No – Confidence vote against Boris Johnson. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, better known as Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister and the Leader of the Conservative Party will face a No – Confidence vote today which could remove him as Britain’s leader as well as the head of the Conservative Party.

If 15% pf the Tory politicians write to Graham Brady, Party official, then the vote can be enacted. Mr. Brady has stated that he has received the required letters and that the vote will take place today, 6th June 2022.

Prime Minister Johnson has been struggling to turn a page on months of ethics disgraces, especially over rule-breaking parties in Government buildings during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Senior Civil Servant Sue Gray’s Report, which popularly became known as “Partygate,” criticized a culture of rule-breaking inside the Prime Minister’s Office.

She described parties fuelled by by alcohol which were held at his official residence during 2020 and 2021.

Therefore, this is a crucial vote for Prime Minister Johnson.

If he loses the vote among the 359 Conservative politicians, he will be replaced as Conservative leader and prime minister. If he wins, he will not face another challenge for a year.

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