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President’s Office Statement on Petrol and Diesel Distribution (Sinhala)


Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has directed that fuel stocks in the country be distributed more efficiently, as well as a shipment due to arrive in the coming days.

The President stated that the Finance Minister and the Central Bank, in collaboration with State and Private Banks, have drafted plans to open Letters of Credit (LCs) to expedite the process of placing orders for fuel shipments.

The President made these remarks during a meeting on the distribution of Petrol, Diesel, and LP Gas on Friday (17).

The focus of the meeting was on reaching long-term fuel purchasing agreements with suppliers.

According to the President’s Media Unit, public transportation will be prioritized in fuel distribution.

According to the President, SLTB-owned filling stations should deliver fuel to Private Buses, Tourist Coaches, and School Vans.

The President also directed that identified filling stations deliver fuel for essential services, and that the Sri Lanka Army and Police Special Task Force secure the stations.

The President directed security forces to strictly enforce the law against fuel hoarders.

The meeting also discussed how to streamline gas distribution and place new LP Gas orders.

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