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Protests against rising living costs continue.


Today (5), a protest march against rising living costs was held in Kandy.

As a result, a motorcycle demonstration was held this morning from Digana to Kandy, with protesters claiming that the rising cost of living has caused them inconvenience.

Meanwhile, people are once again queuing at gas stations for kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.

Since yesterday, people have been queuing for kerosene at the Digana cooperative petrol station in Kandy.

According to our correspondent, while kerosene was issued for a maximum of Rs. 500, it was insufficient to supply all of the people waiting in the long line.

Long lines to buy gas cylinders were also seen near gas dealerships across the country.

However, the Litro Gas company has asked the public not to wait in gas cylinder lines until Wednesday (8).

Litro Gas stated that a shipment of 2,000 metric tons of gas is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow (6), and that shipment will be unloaded on Monday and Tuesday before beginning the distribution process on Wednesday (8).

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