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Resolution against India for violating human rights is introduced by US Representative Ilhan Omar.


A resolution denouncing India for alleged human rights violations, specifically those allegedly committed against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Adivasis, and “other religious and cultural minorities” has been introduced in the US House of Representatives by Ilhan Omar, a Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota known for her pro-Pakistan stance and prejudice against India.

According to a press statement from her office, the resolution, co-sponsored by Congresswomen Rashida Talib and Juan Vargas, requests that the US Secretary of State identify India as a “Country of Particular Concern” under the International Religious Freedom. On the list are the Comoros, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Russia.

The resolution calls on the Biden administration to follow the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s recommendations, which include naming India as a nation of particular concern for three years in a row.

The resolution, which was presented in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, has been forwarded to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for further action.

Omar has frequently demonstrated her bias against India during many hearings in Congress over the country, yet she has never spoken up against Pakistan’s flagrant abuses of human rights.

After visiting Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in April, Omar, an American Somali, has recently come under fire from India.

Her visit to the area, according to India, breached its sovereignty and revealed her “narrow-minded” political views.

“Such a politician is free to exercise her partisan politics at home if she so chooses. However, pursuing it infringes on our territorial integrity and sovereignty, making it ours.

This visit is abhorrent “Arindam Bagchi, a spokeswoman for the ministry of external affairs, had remarked.

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