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Six men are arrested for storing fuel.


For hoarding fuel without permits and selling it at exorbitant prices in various locations, six individuals have been detained.

For unlawfully hoarding fuel and selling it at exorbitant prices, four individuals were detained in the regions of Mawathagama, Paragahadeniya, Maswewa, We-Uda, and Welikumbura.

According to the police, 315L of fuel was taken from their custody.

In addition, police in Batticaloa’s Sandiveli neighborhood detained a suspect who was illegally hoarding gasoline and confiscated 550L of diesel and 258L of kerosene from his hands.

In the meantime, a suspect was apprehended in Dimbulapathana’s Kotagala neighborhood with 1100L of fuel.

On Monday (27), the court is expected to see the detained suspects.

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