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South West Water is being looked into by Ofwat for sewage discharge.


According to the Water Services Regulation Authority, South West Water is being looked into for its handling of sewage.

It joins five other water firms in Wales and England under investigation for wastewater issues.

According to the Environment Agency, 375,000 times of raw sewage were released into rivers last year.

South West Water stated that it was “extremely serious” about the Ofwat ruling.

The environment and human health are seriously endangered by the discharge of untreated sewage.

Swimming and surfing enthusiasts frequent the English regions of Devon, Cornwall, and tiny portions of Dorset and Somerset, which are covered by the South West Water.

Thames Water, Wessex Water, Yorkshire Water, Northumbrian Water, and Anglian Water are all the subject of continuing investigations.

The public frequently reports seeing raw sewage in rivers, canals, and along the coasts of England and Wales.

On riverbanks, beaches, and in the ocean, one can find condoms, toilet paper, and even feces.

According to David Black, chief executive of Ofwat, “as we receive and analyze additional information, including statistics on storm overflow spills, our worries about South West Water’s operation of its wastewater infrastructure and environmental performance have developed further.”

He told BBC News that Ofwat had never taken action on this magnitude previously and called the issue’s current scope “scary.”

A representative for South West Water stated that the organization would cooperate “openly and transparently” with Ofwat. The business introduced its biggest environmental program in 15 years just lately, it was observed.

This will lessen the amount of storm overflows we use, keep the good bathing water standards in our area year-round, and lessen and then eliminate our influence on river water quality by 2030, according to South West Water.

The decision to launch the probe, according to the nonprofit Rivers Trust, was “far overdue” and “this kind of behavior has become business as usual in the water sector.”

A “chemical concoction” was pouring through all of England’s waterways, MPs were informed in January.

Water companies may be fined by Ofwat up to 10% of their annual income.

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