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Sri Lanka to purchase fuel from India


According to the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka has requested four fuel shipments from India totaling 40,000 tonnes each, moving closer to integration with India in terms of energy security.

India buys fuel in large quantities from the international market at alluring discounts. A suggestion to join forces with India to purchase fuel from the global market together and enjoy the same discounted prices can be seen in the road map created by Sri Lanka’s envoy to New Delhi, Milinda Moragoda. 

Well-informed sources claim that Sri Lanka is currently trying to buy four shipments of fuel from India outright rather than on credit. A shipment of diesel will be sent out initially. Following that, petrol will be delivered based on the need. But the actual acquisition won’t happen for at least another week.

The Daily Mirror is informed that the subsequent credit line is also being prepared. Currently, the arrival of the next shipment of fuel to Sri Lanka is doubtful.

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