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Study reveals that women are much more likely than men to develop long covid.


Long Covid is “much” more common in women than with men, according to a research. Additionally, it was discovered that they had various symptoms. Sex-disaggregated research is urgently needed, as the study has highlighted.

Long-term problems are those that continue after the initial infection for more than four weeks.

Females with long Covid often present with a variety of symptoms, including ear, nose, and throat problems, mood disorders, neurological, skin, gastrointestinal, and rheumatological disorders, as well as fatigue, according to researchers from the Johnson & Johnson Office of the Chief Medical Officer Health of Women Team, who analyzed data from roughly 1.3 million patients.

However, endocrine conditions like diabetes and kidney problems were more prevalent in male patients.

According to the study, women have a 22% higher likelihood than males of getting lengthy Covid. Current Medical Research and Opinion is where the study was published.

For the identification and logical design of effective therapies and public health interventions that are inclusive of and sensitive to the potential differential treatment needs of both sexes, the researchers stated that knowledge about fundamental sex differences underlying the clinical manifestations, disease progression, and health outcomes of Covid-19 is essential.

“Long Covid syndrome may be characterized by sex variations in immune system function between males and females. Innate and adaptive immune responses are mounted more quickly and vigorously in females, which can shield them from infection and its severity at first. However, this same distinction may make females more susceptible to chronic autoimmune illnesses “Added they.

The researchers read 640,634 articles in total for the study, totaling 1,393,355 distinct people.

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