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Teachers will be temporarily reassigned to neighboring schools based on requirement – Education Ministry


According to the Education Ministry, a program was implemented to temporarily attach teachers to schools that were convenient for them due to transportation issues.

The program will continue until December 31, 2022.

According to the Education Ministry, teachers will be given the transfer ONLY with the written consent of the principals of both schools.

The Education Director will be given the authority to transfer teachers between National Schools within the same province as well as between National Schools and Provincial Schools.

Assignments between provinces must be approved by the Secretary to the Provincial Public Services Commission.

For assignment between National Schools in two separate provinces, permission from the Direction of Education at the Ministry of Education is required.

There is no need for a replacement if the teacher applying for the position is an additional staffer.

A replacement is required if the applicant is not an additional staffer.

According to the Education Ministry, these assignments will NOT be transferred to new schools.

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