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The Army steps in to quell the demonstration and says that everyone in Sri Lanka should have access to diesel.


When protesters in fuel lines prevented two petrol tankers headed for Colombo from passing through the region on Wednesday evening, 29th, Sri Lanka Army personnel intervened to disperse the crowd.

Observing that the Kanthale Filling Station received daily gasoline delivery and that it was unjust for them to protest when there was a one-day delay, a Sri Lanka Army officer asked that the protesters leave.

“Diesel should be made available to people throughout Sri Lanka, not just those in Kantale. We have sold enough fuel to Kantale’s residents.

Will stopping the road solve the issue? Avoid being selfish. My family has been waiting in line for three days. Even in Colombo, there is no petrol. He informed the demonstrators that Kantale received the most fuel.

As a result of the Kanthale Police’s intervention and the Kanthale OIC’s pledge to deliver fuel, the locals’ protest was put on hold.

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