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A man’s best companion is undoubtedly a dog


A man’s best companion is undoubtedly a dog. And even after his owner’s passing, he still feels this unadulterated love. From the earthquake-stricken country of Afghanistan comes a terrible tale.

We are sure to cry after hearing Samira SR’s tale, an advocate and communications specialist with the International Rescue Committee.

She shared a photo of a little, fluffy dog. If it weren’t for the expression of complete sadness in the dog’s eyes, we may assume that the image is just another ‘cute’ one that is being circulated on social media. The remains of what must have once been a house surround the dog.

It is, specifically, the home of his late owner. Sadly, the most recent earthquake claimed the lives of his owner’s entire family. The dog is unable to comprehend that they have long since vanished.

Samira said that the dog visits the demolished home every day and tears because it is unable to see the kind faces that had been grinning at him up until last week.

The neighbors of the deceased family are now caring for the dog. But the devoted dog continues to hunt the debris, holding onto the hope that he may one day come upon his loved ones. Sadly, this will never occur.

The 6.1-magnitude earthquake on Wednesday claimed at least 1,000 lives, injured 2,000 people, and destroyed 10,000 dwellings (June 22).

It is difficult for nations that placed sanctions on Afghanistan to assist thousands of Afghans. Aid has been dispatched to the afflicted areas by the United Nations and a number of other nations, and more is expected in the coming days.

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