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The lesbian couple held in Srilanka after falling in love through social media


The Akkairapattu Police detained two women who had started a wish to wed in Sri Lanka.

Using social media, the suspects—an Indian woman and a mother from Sri Lanka—had been involved in an online connection for two years.

The Indian woman had extended an invitation to the Sri Lankan woman to visit Tamil Nadu, but she was unable to accept because she couldn’t quickly get a passport because of the Department of Immigration and Emigration’s overflowing offices.

So, on June 20, the Indian woman landed in Sri Lanka, traveled to Akkaraipattu, and spent the night at the home of her Sri Lankan boyfriend.

The father of the Sri Lankan woman had complained to the Akkaraipattu Police about the relationship, which led to both women’s arrests and court appearances.

While the women have been brought to the Kalmunai Base Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, the Akkaraipattu Magistrate has directed the Police to present the suspects to a psychiatrist and submit a report today.

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