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The world can now comprehend what a woman experiences during menopause. Discover how.


Have you ever wondered what a woman experiences during menopause? A man, however, can hardly fathom the suffering when it happens. But that’s no longer the case thanks to a new vest that induces menopause-related heat flashes. In other words, this pad depicts one of the most prevalent and uncomfortable menopause symptoms.

Absolutely, we’re not joking. Some male members of parliament (MPs) recently gave it a try, and their experiences were life-altering. It was described as “volcanic” and “extremely uncomfortable” by some MPs. All of this took place on Tuesday at an event to raise awareness of the severe shortages of hormone replacement treatment (HRT) products in the UK that was held at Portcullis House in Westminster.

Politicians Stephen Kinnock, Wes Streeting, Nick Thomas-Symonds, Tim Loughton, and Allan Dorans all wore vests with heated pads.

Streeting remarked, “It’s really unpleasant and an engulfing heat,” after putting the vest on. I’m not sure how you would move on with life. I’m eager to remove this.

Kinnock described it as “a very powerful kind of heat and an inside sense, almost volcanic inside, not like being warmed by the sun.”

“I can already feel it on my back. Imagine delivering a speech in the Commons when you unexpectedly experience a hot flush. Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of the Conservative Party, commented after donning the vest, “If [men] had this, we’d be complaining a lot.

“We have water if you faint. Greetings from my universe. The MP Carolyn Harris responded, “I don’t need the vest to be hot and bothered.

This unique garment, created by the band “Over the Bloody Moon,” features electric patches to simulate the heat that women feel during menopause.

“Hot flushes are one of the top three symptoms that have an influence on the lives of menopausal women, interfering with sleep, raising anxiety levels, and frequently impairing women’s productivity at work. It is simple for those who haven’t felt the emotion to underestimate its strength and fail to see exactly how much of an impact it has on day-to-day living, according to Lesley Salem, founder of Over the Bloody Moon.

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