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The world is more anxious and depressed in the second year of the pandemic, a poll reveals.


According to a Gallup poll survey, the world has experienced greater emotional difficulty in the second year of the pandemic, with 2021 serving up a “constant diet of uncertainty” and the world being “somewhat sadder.”

Four out of ten adults worldwide said they had experienced stress, three out of ten said they had suffered bodily discomfort, and one in four reported experiencing despair, which was at an all-time high, according to a survey conducted among people in 122 countries last year.

But globally, 70% of respondents said they felt very happy and 71% of respondents said they felt well-rested.

The Gallup survey revealed that nearly 90% of people felt treated with respect.

As the Taliban seized power in the nation, Afghanistan replaced Iraq as the country with the most “negative experience index” points. According to the survey, Afghanistan’s index score of 59 was the highest ever recorded for the nation.

According to the report, Afghanistan last year saw record-breaking increases in anxiety, tension, and despair.

According to the poll, more people were dying from the virus in the second year of the pandemic, making people’s lives even more uncertain than they had been the year before.

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