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The world must ‘avoid Putin’s trap’, says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz


On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that relations with Russia will never be the same again following the invasion of Ukraine. Scholz went on to say that the world is united in its support for Ukraine in the midst of the current crisis and warned against ‘walking into Putin’s trap’ as Russia continues to point out cracks in European Union (EU) relations. “We must not fall into Putin’s trap of claiming that the world is divided into the global west – the G7 and its northern friends – and the rest.” That is not correct,” Scholz stated in an interview with Germany’s ZDF television.

“There are democracies all over the world and they have very similar perspectives,” the German chancellor added at the sidelines of the G7 summit which is currently underway in Germany.

Following the Russian invasion, Germany, along with a number of European Union countries, decided to reduce Russian oil exports, which he reiterated on Saturday. “We have to change when the situation changes,” Scholz said in a televised statement.

This year’s G7 summit also included leaders from five countries that Scholz described as “future democracies”: India, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa, and Argentina.

“We need to talk to each other because it is good, important, and necessary. Listening to one another fosters mutual understanding and facilitates our work “According to Reuters, he stated.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the G7 to “limit the price of Russian oil” and “intensify sanctions” against Russia for its invasion of his country.

“Ukraine will negotiate when it is in a position to do so,” the French presidency said after Zelensky joined the G7 leaders via video link.

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