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To provide fuel for upscale SUVs from Kolonnawa Terminal, per a “list from higher up”


According to a News 1st investigation, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s Kolonnawa Terminal provides fuel for vehicles on a “List” that was sent by a higher-up.

On Wednesday (29), many automobiles were spotted entering the property for fuel, much like on Tuesday (28), and then leaving the property with a full tank.

Since there was no more room in the parking area, the majority of the vehicles had to park and wait outside the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s Kolonnawa Terminal. News 1st cameras also got images of the petrol being removed in enormous barrels.

The Ministerial Security Division owns the luxury SUVs and Defender Jeeps that pump fuel from the Kolonnawa Terminal, according to the person who was assigned to issue passes when News 1st visited the location today (29), who also said that a list allowing those vehicles to pump fuel is received from higher-ups.

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