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Toxic gas leak in Jordan claims lives of 13 people, 251 injured: State media


According to state television, a toxic gas leak from a storage tank at Jordan’s Aqaba port killed 13 people and injured another 251. According to state television, state authorities have asked residents in the surrounding areas to stay indoors and close all windows to prevent the poisonous gas from entering their homes. A government spokesman, Faisal al-Shaboul, initially stated that five people were killed but later revised the figure to 13.

According to the state news agency Petra, a spokesperson for the public security directorate stated that the leak occurred when a tank containing tox gas fell in the middle of the transportation process.

Authorities are still attempting to assess the full scope of the situation, and Al-Mamlaka TV reported that 199 people were still being treated in nearby hospitals following the gas leak.

A video of the entire incident was posted on the state television’s Twitter page. A storage tank was seen falling in the video, and a yellow-colored gas was seen rising as it slammed into the deck.

According to state television, evacuation planes have been sent to Aqaba to assist with the arrangements, and the Civil Defence service has already deployed special teams in the area.

According to state television, civil defense spokesman Amer al-Sartawy said, “Specialists and the hazardous substances team are dealing with the incident.”

Bishr Khasawneh, Prime Minister, and Interior Minister Mazen al-Faraya traveled to Aqaba.

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