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UK Prime Minister survives a party leadership election.


Despite a significant revolt against his leadership, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson received the support of a majority of Tory MPs in a confidence vote.

The Prime Minister received 59 percent of the vote, making him immune to a Conservative leadership challenge for a year.

In total, 211 Conservative MPs voted in favor of the PM’s leadership, while 148 voted against him.

Mr Johnson described his victory in the confidence vote as “decisive.” In an upbeat tone, he described the outcome as “very good,” “convincing,” and “an opportunity to put behind us all the stuff that the media goes on about.”

The prime minister remains in office as a result, but critics say the scale of the rebellion against him shows his authority has been weakened, and some have called for him to resign.

Mr Johnson received a lower vote share than former Prime Minister Theresa May, who received 63 percent in a party confidence vote in 2018, before resigning six months later due to a Brexit impasse.

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