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Will Woody Allen end his cinematic career soon?


Regarding the filmmaker Woody Allen and whether his works should be praised, there has been a controversy for years. One of the most admired but divisive filmmakers of our time, Allen has been accused of sexual assault by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow. The 86-year-old oilman has recently intimated that he is prepared to retire.

Allen discussed his career and his latest book, “Zero Gravity,” a collection of humorous writings, in a rare interview with Alec Baldwin. For Allen, making movies no longer have much of a thrill.

“When I used to make movies, they would be shown in theaters all across the nation. It’s not as fun to me when a movie is made nowadays and just gets a few weeks in a theater, maybe six weeks or four weeks, before going straight to streaming or pay-per-view.”

Regarding his future film, which would be his 50th, Allen made no mention of it. In Paris, he is now filming it.

The four-time Oscar-winning director of comedies like “Annie Hall” and others has consistently refuted claims that he assaulted Dylan Farrow, his adopted daughter, in 1992.

After the #MeToo movement gained international exposure in 2017 and renewed attention to sexual misbehavior, many Hollywood executives and celebrities have distanced themselves from Allen throughout the years.

In the 2021 television program “Allen v. Farrow,” HBO brought up the charge against Allen again.

The interview, which was live-streamed on the actor’s Instagram page, did not include a question about Baldwin, who has acted in three of Allen’s movies.

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