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Worldwide parties and events are no longer permitted by Airbnb.


Following a brief prohibition during the pandemic that was well-received by hosts, Airbnb has permanently outlawed parties and activities at homes on its marketplace.

The business claims that after the regulation’s introduction in August 2020, it has evolved into “far more than a public health measure.”

Supporting our hosts and their neighbors has become a cornerstone of community philosophy, according to the San Francisco-based company.

However, it also lifted a restriction on the number of guests allowed in residences.

The number of complaints regarding parties has decreased by 44% since the policy was originally implemented, according to a statement from Airbnb.

In the future, it may be possible to make exceptions to the global prohibition for “specialty and traditional hospitality establishments.”

Additionally, Airbnb said that it would eliminate a restriction on the maximum number of guests a listing may host at once.

It had previously set a 16-person occupancy limit due to worries about the spread of Covid-19.

The company said that “a number of larger residences, including castles in Europe, vineyards in the US, and sizable beachfront villas in the Caribbean, are capable of comfortably and safely housing more than 16 people.”

It stated that by removing the cap, the hosts would still be able to use their properties responsibly and adhere to the city’s ban on noisy gatherings.

In 2019, the business began imposing limitations on gatherings. It outlawed “open-invite” gatherings and what was referred to as “chronic party houses” that bothered the neighbors.

In the best interest of public health, Airbnb instituted a permanent ban on gatherings during the pandemic.

Additionally, more than 6,600 visitors had their access to the site suspended the previous year due to rule violations.

According to Airbnb, “This new and long-term policy was implemented to assist encourage and support neighborhood safety.”

It said, “We look forward to sharing updates on our work to complement our community policies on parties in the coming weeks and months.”

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