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Zelensky will speak at the G7 conference as Russia slams Kyiv


As his nation struggles to recover from the first Russian strike on Kyiv in weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will speak at the G7 conference on Monday.

While meeting in the Bavarian Alps, US Vice President Joe Biden and his counterparts from the Group of Seven affluent democracies emphasized their solidarity in the face of Russian aggression, even as the global repercussions intensifies.

At 8:00 GMT, Zelensky will join the G7 leaders of the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Spain via video link.

The country is currently under Russian bombardment, and the president of Ukraine has once again called for more armaments and an air defense system.

“We require a strong air defense that is both contemporary and effective. which can provide total defense against these missiles. Every day, my partner and I discuss this. A few deals have already been made.

Additionally, if partners are truly partners and not watchers, they must move more quickly “In his daily message, he remarked.

“Any limits or delays in the delivery of weaponry to our state are really an invitation for Russia to strike repeatedly.”

This appeal was made following a Russian attack on a Kyiv apartment building. According to Ukraine, one person was killed and four others were hurt in the attack. A girl, age 7, is among those hurt.

The first strikes against the Ukrainian capital in three weeks were denounced by Biden as “barbarism.”

Olaf Scholz, the G7 host and Chancellor of Germany, said the attack demonstrated once more “that it is right to stand together and help Ukrainians.”

Russia asserted that no civilian targets were struck.

At the charming Elmau Castle, the G7 conference will continue until Tuesday. After that, there will be a NATO summit in Spain, which Zelensky is also likely to attend.

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