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9 details from the special statement by the Acting President


9 details from the special statement by the Acting President. The Acting President’s Special Statement contains the following nine important facts:

The 19th Amendment, which would address many of the public’s concerns, would be reintroduced.

The formation of an All-Party Government has been encouraged and all political parties have been urged to set aside their differences and work together.

The Government would work with peaceful demonstrators who had justified complaints to find answers.

The International Monetary Fund negotiations are almost complete and discussions with other nations about assistance is also moving forward.

Requesting the UK Government’s Intelligence Services’ cooperation in conducting a thorough investigation into the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks.

The nation’s gas deficit has been remedied.

The fuel scarcity has been resolved with the distribution of diesel supplies and starting July 21st, petrol will be distributed and there will be a decrease in fuel costs.

Power outages that used to last five hours a day have been reduced to three hours per day.

Farmers now have access to fertilizer and loans taken by paddy farmers with less than 2 acres of planted land have been cancelled.

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