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A Kandakadu prisoner’s death led to the arrest of two troops and two airmen.


An inmate’s death at the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Center led to the arrest of two sergeant grade officers from the Sri Lankan Army and Air Force.

On June 29, when a prisoner died there, tensions erupted, and more than 500 inmates managed to flee.

According to the police, Welikanda Police opened an inquiry into the inmate’s death, which occurred inexplicably inside the Center.

They claimed that the Center’s inmates and counselors made taped comments regarding the incident.

Four suspects have consequently been detained over the death: a 35-year-old Air Force Sergeant from the Kottapitiya area, a 36-year-old Air Force Sergeant from Nawalapitiya, a 37-year-old Army Sergeant from Harigaswewa, and a 39-year-old Army Staff Sergeant from Galnewa. They were all employed as assistant counselors at the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre.

The police discovered a thick electric line and two bamboo sticks that were thought to have been used to attack the deceased, based on the claims of the suspects.

The individuals who have been detained must appear before the Polonnaruwa Magistrate.

The Center held 998 prisoners, and efforts are being made to apprehend the 44 who are still at large.

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