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A new study suggests that alien civilizations can use a simple’ method to locate Earth.


Over the years, it has been the mission of a number of scientists to find evidence of alien life in the universe. Numerous unsuccessful methods have been implemented, ranging from the use of enormous satellites to search distant galaxies to the transmission of radio signals into the cosmos. A group of scientists, however, has attempted to reverse the situation and determine how aliens can find us in the vast universe. A team of astronomers from Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and France examined the number of ways alien species can detect our presence and zeroed in on the “microlensing” phenomenon.

“In theory, technological civilizations could use a long-range detection method like microlensing to detect the Earth across galactic distance scales,” the study explained.

Microlensing is used to detect faraway planets and stars by examining the bodies with powerful microscopes. When the star shines brightly for any reason, and the atmosphere acts as a lens for those observing the phenomenon, the study is conducted.

According to the study accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope employs a comparable method.

According to the study, any extraterrestrial civilization will be able to identify our planet if it examines the Milky Way, and depending on the position of the stars, the earth will shine brightly at a specific time. However, this scenario was imagined in light of the aliens’ technological parity.

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