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After Aryan Khan was teased for partying in a Mumbai nightclub, SRK fans said, “Leave the poor guy alone.”


Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and entrepreneur Salim Khan’s son Aryan Khan was spotted partying in a Mumbai nightclub, and videos of him have gone viral on social media sites. People are asking why he is going out to parties so soon after getting out of jail for a drug bust, but others say that it’s none of their business what Aryan does with his life and that he should be left alone.

In the video that was taken from a long way away, Aryan can be seen wearing a mask. He lowers it a little for a moment, takes a drink, and then puts it back on.

People on the Internet have different opinions on video. One person was upset by the trolling and wrote, “People are trolling Aryan Khan for doing exactly what they would do if they were allowed into a nightclub as a customer.”

Another Twitter user agreed. “The hatred this young boy is getting is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how mentally draining it might be for him. LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE, “they put words on paper.

But one other didn’t agree. “Dekhlo is bache ki harkaten. Using alcohol like a heavy drinker. @narcoticsbureau, you’ve let us down. They said Sushant was a consumer without any proof, but Aryan Khan is innocent even though there are a lot of signs to the contrary. Brilliant @Mumbai Ncb 👏👏 (sic) “they put words on paper.

One person criticized Aryan’s “ostentatious” way of life. They posted, “So Aryan Khan is back to his ostentatious ways. Just when money and power play a bigger role than law and order, people who have been accused of crimes get promoted to do more. @narcoticsbureau @dg ncb A clean bill of health for this accused person is only going to cause more trouble. Salute the honest efforts of @swankhede IRS.”

In October of last year, Aryan was taken into custody by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) while he was on a cruise ship called the Cordelia. He was charged with having, using, and selling illegal drugs, which is against the NDPS Act. But all of the charges against him were dropped, and his name did not appear on a later charge sheet filed by NBC.

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