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AKD makes oppressive decisions as PM


Anura Kumara Dissanayaka, the leader of the National People’s Power, asserts that the country is currently experiencing its most crucial hours.

Dissanayake states in a statement that neither the Prime Minister nor the President has yet tendered their resignations and that the Prime Minister has been observed abusing the authority granted to him as Acting President.

Noting that the President has not yet resigned as previously stated, Dissanayake asserts that the Prime Minister is attempting to abuse the authority granted to him by imposing a curfew and emergency law.

What does this depict? This only demonstrates that the group, including Ranil Wickremesinghe, is attempting to exercise their power in an oppressive manner to the maximum extent permitted by the Constitution,” he stated.

Dissanayake emphasized that the country’s condition would worsen if a group, including the prime minister, did not act in response to the people’s pleas.

As a result, he urged the rulers, Police, and Tr-forces to act sympathetically while listening to the voice and aspirations of the people; otherwise, the entire nation would remain at the mercy of a single individual and his or her desire for power.

He also appealed to the Police, saying, “Do not aim your batons and tear gas at the people.”

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