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As the crisis gets worse, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi steps down.


Mario Draghi gave his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella after a number of important coalition parties stopped backing him. In a statement released on Thursday, the president’s office said that Mattarella had “taken note” of the departure and asked that Draghi’s administration keep going in a temporary role. 

Since 2021, Italy has been struggling with the spread of the coronavirus and a weakening economy. Due to the resignation, early elections could now be held in September or October. Al Jazeera said that the president’s office did not say whether Mattarella would get rid of the legislature or call for early elections.

Draghi, a former head of the European Central Bank, scolded his national unity government and urged them to get their act together before it was too late.

On Wednesday, the Senate gave him a vote of confidence. However, three members of his coalition didn’t show up to vote, which made it impossible for his government to stay in power.

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