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BASL urges a peaceful transfer of power.


The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has advocated for a peaceful and orderly transfer of power, consistent with the rule of law and the Constitution.

In a statement, the BASL asserts that the contribution and sacrifices made by the Sri Lankan people over the past few months in pursuit of genuine change are immeasurable.

To preserve the lives and livelihoods of Sri Lankans, the BASL emphasizes that it is equally necessary to secure an orderly transition and continued respect for the rule of law and the Constitution.

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka asserts that it is in the nation’s best interests for the country’s constitutional functions to continue as they are, citing its deep concern over statements attributed to various parties, including members of protest groups, which undermine the rule of law in Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the reports of vandalism by occupied groups and protestors at the President’s House, Temple Trees, and Presidential Secretariat, the BASL urges those occupying the premises to ensure that the buildings are turned over to the proper authorities and that archaeologically significant documents and other public property are protected.

In addition to lobbying for measures that do not compromise the administration of justice, the BASL urges all parties to continue to seek democratic solutions to the current economic and political crises through the existing Constitutional framework and legal process.

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